Who am I


Law, Higher Education, Gama Filho University, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
Tourism, college, Hélio Alonso College, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Tourism, specialization, University of Haifa, Israel.


Seriousness, experience, safety with guidance and explanations of historical passages are pillars of our work.
Vehicle licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.
Authorization to operate in Palestinian Authority cities.


Non-smoking professional who will do everything to provide pleasant and unforgettable moments.
Our motto and goal is the full satisfaction of our customers, many of whom become friends.
We guarantee the seal of 100% satisfaction.

Make it happen and I will make it worth it!


Principles of Ethics of the Guide

To achieve my goals I will follow the following principles, ensuring that my services are executed with the highest level of professionalism possible and that all our clients receive 100% satisfaction as promised and guaranteed by Samuel Ben Zikri, Ministry of Tourism License 10378 of Israel.


Iam a professional, whose main concern is to have my client in the first place. I am always focused on providing my customers with unique travel experiences. To that end, I will always act in a friendly, calm, but professional manner. Everything we say and do is a reflection of the country’s culture and my previous experiences, always with transparency, creativity and effectiveness.


Total responsibility for the happiness and security of my clients to achieve the promised 100% satisfaction.

All Information

Full and complete disclosure. All information in the tour guide profile and tour description pages are accurate and up to date. Changes due to weather or other circumstance of force majeure will be compensated in the best manner in common according to the part. Having extensive experience as a guide, I have a strong knowledge of the places we should avoid, if necessary, by clearly explaining safety issues, even though Israel is a very safe country in every respect.

Amount paid – Offer the best service for a fair price

The cost charged to customers will be as reported in the tour description. We understand that the last thing a customer wants, is to be surprised at things that cost more than expected or scheduled. Under no circumstances will I let this happen. You will receive the best service for the amount paid.


Knowledge is key to the success of the tour. The knowledge acquired through the rigorous training of tourism guide together with Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, enables us to answer all our clients’ questions. In case you do not know something, you will be answered naturally, without the need for stories or say something wrong.


The places to be visited will be confirmed and reconfirmed as will all the details of the tour, a day or two before the activities. I understand that I am responsible for the well-being of my clients, including the physical and emotional security of the tourists I drive and accompany, at all times.

Well prepared

The guide is always well-groomed, well-suited for the walk, and does not engage in activities that may offend – smoking, chewing gum, inappropriate language, and the like.


He understands that the work is very demanding and that things will not always work without problems. When changes have to be made, they will be performed to get the best result to satisfy the customer at all times, ensuring the offered with 100% satisfaction.

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