1st day


Reception at the airport by our personal  and transfer to accommodation in Tel Aviv.

2nd day

In Tel Aviv!

– After breakfast, departure to visit Jope, the artists’ district and the home of Simão, the tanner.

– Visit to the port of Jope, where the wood for the construction of the first and second Temple was received.

– City tour of Tel Aviv.

– Continue to Caesarea Marítima, former capital of Judea, to visit the archaeological excavations of the Roman Theater, the Fortress of the Crusaders and the Aqueduct.

– Continuation to Haifa. Visit the Bahai Shrine, in the Monte Carmel Gardens, to have a panoramic view of the city.

– Visit to Mount Carmel in the place where the Prophet Elias lived.

– Continuation to Tiberias.

(Hospital in Tiberias)

3rd day

In Galilee!

– We start the day with a boat trip on the Sea of Galilee, visit to Mount of Beatitudes, place where the Sermon on the Mount was given and continue to Tabgha, site of the Miracle of the Multiplication of bread and fish. Visit to the Primacy of Peter.

– Continue to Capernaum to visit the old Synagogue and the home of disciple Pedro. At lunch we went to Magdala to discover the remains of an original synagogue from Jesus’ time.

– Arrival in Yardenit, for the renewal of Baptism.

(Accommodation in Tiberias)

4th day

After breakfast we head towards Cana of Galilee, site of the first miracle. Visit the city of Jesus’ childhood, Nazaré. Visit to the precipice mount where Jesus was expelled from the city, we continue on the way to Jericho where we will visit the place where Elisha healed the impure waters by adding salt, we will visit the archaeological remains of the walled city of Jericho, seen from the mount of temptations, where Jesus was tempted by the devil, we follow Sicomoro, which honors the passage of the tax collector. Triumphant arrival in Jerusalem.

(Accommodation in Jerusalem)

5th day

– We will leave QUMRAM where the Dead Sea scrolls (writings) were found.

– Visit the Ahava product factory, famous products made with minerals from the Dead Sea.

– We continue towards Masada, old palace of Herod and fortress, we will go up by Cable Car. We continue to bathe in the Sea at the Dead Sea, in medicinal waters.

(Return to Jerusalem)

6th day

– Departure to visit Monte das Oliveiras, where you can see the Holy City Muralhada.

– Continue to the place where Jesus taught the Our Father, we went down the path that Jesus took when he entered Jerusalem, stopping at the place where he wept when he saw Jerusalem.

– We continue on the way to the Gardens of Gethsemani, where are the oldest olive trees of the local Holy Land, where there was the betrayal, Gruta da Agonia. We crossed the Cedron Valley on the way to Mount Zion to visit the Tomb of King David, upper room (site of the Last Supper).

– Visit to the place where the house of Caifas existed, where Jesus spent the night in prison.

(Return to the Hotel in Jerusalem)

7th day

– We started the day by entering the gate of the Lions, visiting the Church of Santa Ana, Bethesda tanks, where Jesus healed the paralytic who had been waiting for 38 years, we followed the Via Dolorosa, passing through the Stations until arriving at Golgotha and Empty Sepulcher.

– We will visit the Arab market, the Golden Menorah, remains of the 1 wall until we reach the Western Wall.

(Return to the Hotel in Jerusalem)

8th day

– Visit to the Israel Museum where we will see a model of the city of Jerusalem from Jesus’ time, the Dead Sea manuscripts and other areas of the Israel Museum.

– We continue to Belém, where we will visit the shepherds field and the place of the Birth of Jesus, São Jerônimo Grotto and Santa Catarina Basilica.

– Time to visit a local cooperative, to buy souvenirs and help Christian families in Belém. Visit to the Holocaust Museum.

(Return to the Hotel in Jerusalem)

9th day

– Visit to the Temple terrace, visit to the city of David and free time for shopping at the market.

(Return to the Hotel in Jerusalem)

10th day

– Breakfast at a fixed time, transfer to the airport with assistance.

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