We left the hotel early and started the day on the Mount of Olives with a beautiful view of the city of Jerusalem.

We toast our arrival and also for the peace of Jerusalem. We went down the path where we celebrate Palm Sunday every year, stopped at the place where Jesus wept when he saw Jerusalem.

We follow the descent from the Mount of Olives to the place where Jesus is betrayed by Judas Escariot, where we will visit the Church of the Nations and the Gardens of Getsemani.

Visit to the Cave of Gethsemane, to the Tomb of Mary, venerated by the Orthodox, we cross the valley of Jehoshaphat with a view of the tombs with emphasis on that of Absalom and the priests of the period 586 BC.

Mount Zion, visit to the site of the Last Supper, mausoleum of King David, Church of Mary asleep.

We entered the gate of Zion on the way to the Old City of Jerusalem, passing through the Armenian quarter, the Jewish quarter, visiting the copy of the map of Madaba and the Byzantine Roman Thistle. Stop to appreciate the original wall built by King Hezekiah to protect himself from Assyrian attack 723 B.C.

Golden Menorah, View from the Golden Dome, Western Wall. We continue along Via Dolorosa until we reach the Holy Sepulcher, passing through the Arab and Christian districts.

Yafo Gate, View from the Tower of David.

Return to the Hotel.

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